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Together with Schenker Ventures we support founders to turn powerful logistic ideas into ventures. Be part of the next logistics cohort and become a Founder!

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A new way of building companies

The Schenker Venture Studio is made to partner with full-blooded entrepreneurs at idea-stage who want to build a logistic startup from scratch. From day 1 the Studio supports full-agnostic founding, scaling as well as funding the company. The great thing: Founders retain the vast majority & have access to assets of one of the most successful logistic players in the world.

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Our Values

Lead with an advantage

As one of the world’s leading logistics providers, DB Schenker offers founders access to their business partners & global network along the entire value chain.

Additionally, a broad customer base in more than 2,100 locations in over 130 countries are accessible in order to ideate and validate business opportunities. These unique "unfair advantages" can not just be leveraged in Land Transport, but also in Ocean Freight, Air Freight and Contract Logistics. In addition, DB Schenker’s own field experts will provide their know-how and network to you.

What we focus on

Investment thesis

The Schenker Venture Studio is investing time & money at a very early stage into ideas and founders in order to validate promising logistic opportunities. Special focus areas are (non-exclusive):

Digitization & Automation

New approaches to digitize and automate processes.

Visibility & Predictability

Find cutting-edge ways guaranteeing shipments arriving on-time.

Security & Transparency

Services that increase transparency & security in the handling of data.

Urban Delivery & Logistics

Innovative solutions for the transport of goods in urban areas.


Offering our capabilities & resources as a service models to 3rd parties.

Edge Technologies

Further promising technologies incl. e.g. Blockchain, IoT, Telematics, or AI.

Our Process

Here's how we make it work

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1. Ideation

Founders either bring their own idea or get provided with a powerful business concept from our internal idea backlog.

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2. Validation

Measuring and validating together the founder as well as the product-market fit incl. desirability, feasibility and viability.

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3. Spin-Out & Creation

After successful validation, the founder team gets a €300k Pre-Seed ticket for their independent NewCo. Scope and build a market-ready & fully tested MVP with help of our designers, engineers, marketers and venturer developers.

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4. Scale-Up

The Schenker Venture Studio team is driving the growth by hiring key employees and setting-up operations, marketing & sales, while founders can keep the focus on business building.

We are builders

Your Co-Founder with benefits

The Schenker Venture Studio is combining the corporate power of DB Schenker with the entrepreneurial mindset of the MVPF Venture Studio.

Our Schenker Venture Studio Partner will support you in key strategic decisions and remain your sparring partner - day and night. We have been in your shoes.

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Who's behind

Meet the team

Patric Hoffmann

Patric Hoffmann

Managing Director

Tobias Ledermann

Tobias Ledermann

Head of Venture Building

Dennis Hecker

Dennis Hecker

Senior Project Manager​

Philipp Petrescu

Philipp Petrescu

Venture Partner

Markus Börner

Markus Börner

Senior Venture Architect

Niklas Lechner

Niklas Lechner

Venture Partner

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You ask, we answer


What is the Schenker Venture Studio exactly?

The Schenker Venture Studio ties up ideas, capital, resources and talent to a highly performing package partnering with founders to build the best ideas within logistics and supply chain management into great companies.

When is the right time to apply?

You can apply to become a Co-Founder (with or without an idea) at any time. After a successful application, you could estimate to start one month later with the process. We will run through a 8-12 weeks full-time, cross-functional and structured validation process where we test and iterate the idea together with experts and potential clients.

How much capital do I get?

If we mutually find an idea we are all excited about, we will invest €300,000 initially to get started (in return for 23% equity in the venture) and will continue to support you in launching your product and raising your seed round.

What support can I expect?

We will team up and follow our proven, structured validation process testing different ideas and models until we all see a fit. This is a full-time, 2–3-month activity and you will benefit from DB Schenker’s world-class logistics expertise and MVP Factory’s functional experts and entrepreneurs.

  1. Functional expertise & muscle
    MVP Factory’s designers, engineers and product managers will be at your disposal.
  2. Entrepreneurial guidance
    Your Schenker Venture Studio Partner will support you in key strategic decisions and remain your sparring partner–day and night.
  3. Industry access & know-how
    If suitable, we’ll activate the full DB Schenker network to get you that “unfair advantage” corporates always talk about.
Do I need to bring my own idea?

No, you don’t. We have an idea backlog where we match founders with promising ideas. Nevertheless, it can be advantageous to bring your own idea with you

Does my idea need to be in the logistic space?

Yes, we specialize in logistics and supply-chain-management. 

Do I get a salary during the process?

Until the venture is set-up and incorporated, we’ll give you an employment contract with the Studio, covering your living expenses for these 2-3 months.

Does the validation process cost me anything?

No, we don’t charge for it and contrary to some accelerators don’t take sweat equity for it. It is our investment into you as our Co-Founder and your future venture. We only ask for your full-time commitment (we will pay a grant to cover your living expenses for these 2-3 months) and that we will lead the pre-seed round for your venture.

Is there an office space?

We don't offer explicit an office space but if you are in need of one, we will find for you a solution.